img_9474Hello beautiful souls! My name is Amy Nelson. I teach yoga. In addition, I am a mom, a nutrition nerd, a lover of movement and the outdoors, and set the intention to live every day in CONTENT and JOY. Above all else, I love joining others on their path to living with ease, feeling good in their bodies, self empowerment and RADICAL SELF LOVE.

The path I took to get here was long and winding. I spent a large part of my life fighting against my self. I struggled to fit in, to find my identity, blindly followed others, and experienced extremely low self confidence which led to self-destructive behaviors. You name it, I’ve been there.

Yoga, meditation, and a journey into holistic wellness saved me. I SLOWLY learned (okay, am still learning) to be compassionate with myself and to celebrate my body and what it could do. This work continues to save me daily. I learned to be PROUD of my OWN path and all its detours. After all, it brought me here and in this space with all of YOU.

I believe that yoga is all about JOY, LISTENING TO OURSELVES, and ACCEPTANCE, and ultimately is a journey to DIVINE HAPPINESS. It could — truly — solve problems of the world. It sure has resolved many of mine. 🌎

The Yogiak name was born while residing in Kodiak, AK.

🌟Yogi+Kodiak = The Yogiak!🌟

🌟OR Yogi in AK!🌟

🌟OR Yoga Maniac!🌟

This space is for jamming on YOGA, LIFE, WELLNESS, and above all, REALNESS.

Sound good? I hope you’ll join me!

Curious to read my full story? Check out this blog post. Peace&Love ✌🏼💜

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